Eva Ezinger – en

Eva Ezinger, The Wolf
(Event Manager)

Amuse Bouche:

Eva grew up in Upper Austria amidst forests and hills in the scenic town of Schärding, a major port on the Inn River. As a little girl, she often spent her days perched high up in the hunting blind, observing the creatures of the wild, with her Grandfather.


She originally aspired to become a vet, but when Eva moved, she enrolled in the school of hotel management in Passau instead. Prepared with everything that one needs to know about the hotel industry, the Upper Austrian relocated to the ski resort of Ischgl, where she independently managed a 60-bed hotel operation during the winter seasons. This job allowed her to pursue her greatest passion during the summer: traveling.

Main Course:

Later down the road, her plan was to settle down and at what better place than the crystal clear Attersee in the Salzkammergut region. Eva fell into a polished career at a wine trade and catering company – where she was responsible for the entire area of ​​customer service and event organization – which often took her to France for exclusive wine tastings. As lovely as her natural surroundings were, Eva often entertained the idea of urban living and with the close of a door, she found herself opening another door in the “fat B. on the top of the Spree.” But as the old saying goes: you can take the girl out of the nature but you can’t take the nature out of the girl. It was the longing for a bit of “Wild & Wiese” she remembered from her childhood that landed her here with us. What luck, anyway. What would we do without her organizational talent, her infectious laugh, and her funny antics!? Since her time here, we’ve all diligently mastered the Austrian dialect.


Eva’s talents go beyond event management; she is well rehearsed in the art of wine. Ask her anything!

Favorite dishes:

For daddy’s roast pork, she would stand up and leave today.

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