Marvin Mergen – en

Marvin Mergen

Marvin Mergen, Kitchen Assistant & Distinguished Diswasher

Marvin is a real Berliner, straight out of Lichtenberg. One could have guessed that his future would have something to do with dishes. And true to the motto, “practice makes perfect”, he was already working the pots, in his family kitchen, to drums at the tender age of 4 – even played in Mom’s punk band. Marvin describes himself as a “typical Millenium child” – mainly because his days in grade school initially brought a lot of question marks from a professional perspective. And anyway, playing X-Box and making music was a lot more interesting than solving math problems.

But then at some point “the serious side of life” was at the door. Marvin decided first for a vocational training as a painter; however, he quickly realized that this was not his life calling and changed to “domestic science”. He explored various areas of his training, from cleaning the building, to caring for the elderly, but felt most comfortable in the kitchen. There was always something gratifying about conquering mountains of dishes and seeing how quickly he could get through them.

Marvin has been a resident at Karl-Marx-Allee 133, the Wild & Wiese headquarters, longer than anyone on the team and was warmly recommended by our predecessor, the “Blue Lobster”. From the Wild & Wiese team, Marvin is now indispensable. He not only ensures that the kitchen is always clean, he also watches over the entire operation, and knows the kitchen like the back of its hand. It took us a while to get used to Marvin’s metallic taste in music and the volume at which he meditatively washes; however, we’ll scrub through any doubts and gladly go with it. Marvin likes everything that his Friedrichshain neighborhood has to offer in terms of fast food. Burgers being his favorite, but pizza and doner too. However, when it comes to slow food, nothing beats his grandmother’s deviled eggs and Pelmeni dumplings.

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