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Tracy Nguyen-Ecknigk

Tracy Nguyen-Ecknigk, Cook Apprentice

Tracy’s path to Wild & Wiese allegedly has been the longest (geographically at least). In 2020, during the pandemic, she came all the way from the US (Philadelphia, to be exact) to Berlin. Two years prior, she had already fallen in love with the city. Still, not only her heart, but also her mind drove her into Germany’s lively metropolis. Back in the U.S. she has always worked in gastronomy, though it became more and more difficult for her to live from her job as a waitress. So she took her soul, a friend, and a few belongings and started a whole new adventure.

Two years later her love for art, creativity, and last but not least, good food, led her to Wild & Wiese. Her curiosity towards people and the stories they are moved by, as well as her sense for aesthetics and her love for good food make her a perfect addition for the team at Wild & Wiese. Since August 2022, Tracy is working as an apprentice to become a chef at our restaurant.

Thanks to her south-Vietnamese roots she has a passion for tasty spicy broths, which make a perfect Pho. It was her family that made her discover cooking in the first place. As a kid her wish was to become a vet but after moving into her own first apartment at the age of 18, she discovered food as a „love language“ for herself and her family.

Our „wild team“ became something like a family for Tracy too. What is so special about her job at Wild & Wiese? Everybody cares and no one is left alone. Also, being professional does not mean you can’t have fun at work!

Tracy loves Berlin’s green and natural side. She spends a lot of time in the vicinity of the city and discovers new lakes – or the city’s many museums. Her favorite German food is Goulash–and it has to be hot! Thank you Tracy for not only spicing up our food, but also our team and our events!

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